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This is a collection of my thoughts and reflections as I transverse through this journey called life 🙂 But that is not to say that I am the wisest person around, just a normal person who thinks a little too much sometimes.

1. You are Brilliant

Is the location of your study or work an excuse for a star such as yourself to not shine? This reflection brought to mind the strain felt by some of my colleagues who believed they must aim solely for Ivy League institutions or remain within Oxford, fearing they “can never go back to the backwaters.” Their insecurities were reflected in their perception of my career trajectory as I left Oxford to work up north. But hey, I refuse to tether my shine to a specific institution or brand; my radiance requires no such validation. And you should feel the same. No matter where you go, shine, as you must! You must be proud of yourself. Everywhere deserves the presence of an intelligent and ambitious person such as yourself – patients everywhere deserve excellent and brilliant doctors, not just those in London or Oxford.

2. Work on your Passion

This is from firsthand experience of my ObGyn training but also applies to other areas in life:

Passion often emerges and grows as you invest time, and effort, and develop skills in something. It’s the journey of learning and gaining competence that often ignites the fire of passion. People sometimes give up too early, missing out on the enjoyment that comes from progressing and mastering a skill or interest. Starting is crucial, but persistence and consistent effort play a significant role in cultivating that passion.

So, don’t give up too soon. There is always darkness before light. So embrace the growing pains, you are becoming more than you can ever imagine.

3. You are more than just your Job

Always remember to have passions, projects, and people outside of work. Then facing a bad day at work or any of the above will not faze you. Because you are so much more than just one thing. ⁣ Also, according to Adam Grant’s “Originals: How Non-Confirmists Move the World” having different interests and projects helps you to take bigger risks as you balance your risk portfolio with a mixture of low and high-risk projects. Just like how working full-time and working on a start-up on the side in the first two years – yes, start-up founders who follow this formula have more successful businesses! ⁣ ⁣

4. You Matter

That’s all to it – you will always be my number one for being who you are 🙂

5. Don’t Compare

Comparing yourself to another person can inspire you to achieve greater things. But it becomes unhealthy if your goal is to compete with the person, rather than to achieve greatness for yourself. Do things for you and not for winning a race with another person. ⁣ ⁣

If you must compare yourself to another person, then do it sensibly. Your goals must be achievable. For example, if I am a paraplegic, it would be insane to compare myself to Usain Bolt in a 100m race. Set reasonable, realistic and achievable goals for yourself. Don’t set impossible goals – impossible, meaning, you cannot see the steps to the ladder to achieving your goals (but of course, with the correct attitude, you may be able to turn the impossible into a possibility). Then slowly set higher goals when you have achieved a certain goal. It is OK to look up to others, but do not let unreasonable standards eat you from the inside – it is an act of violence towards yourself. Let’s glean the wisdom of others rather than getting envious. Reach out to these people, who knows they will give you free advice.⁣ Agree?

6. Be a Star

A reminder to myself to continue to have the guts to take charge of my life. If everyone lives according to the status quo, unquestioning of whatever made-up “rules”, restrictions, timelines or whatever humans imposed on each other – then innovation and advancement won’t happen. However, this is by no means I am asking you to break the law and do as you please. No. Rather, I am encouraging you to reconsider some of the “rules” spoken or written that had been ingrained into you by others.

If you believe in the narrative that others have constructed for you due to your socioeconomic background, then you’ll never climb out of the hole they’ve put you in. The climbing is tough, but so are you.

Hannah Nazri

Live your life. Don’t let it happen to you.

7. Hype it up

Emerge as the protagonist in the narrative of your life, not merely a supporting character. Romanticise your train journey to work. Craft a decadent cheesecake for your own delight, unconcerned about the absence of tasters – for what truly counts is your pleasure. Treat yourself to a sumptuous restaurant feast and be unconcerned about dining on your own while adorning yourself in resplendent attire for your own personal satisfaction. Do not wait for others to travel to interesting places. And, as for your achievements, award yourself a “Well done” sticker (yes, those stickers you can get from Amazon that they give to 5-year-old kids!) to immortalise in your diary, be it for a noteworthy accomplishment or even a remarkable Caesarean section – an acknowledgement of your own excellence

Hype up your life! Only you can make your life interesting and magical.


8. Support each other

The sun does not envy the moon at night because she knows that there is sunrise. And isn’t a moonrise just as magnificent? Beautiful people support each other 🙂

9. There is no rush…

This is me telling myself I’m not rushing to be an ObGyn registrar/ consultant.


Jokes aside, we shouldn’t treat life like an obstacle course to a dream destination. We must enjoy the journey. We must allow ourselves breaks or detours in between because what makes a fantastic outcome is the journey. It is through hardship that we encounter in our journey, that we grow, and come to love the people who supported us. And it is true, 10 years ago, you prayed for this very day to happen.

10. The Best is yet to come

If you’re just “hanging in there”, you haven’t reached your limit yet. Keep going. The best is yet to come.

What are your top 10 words of wisdom? Tell me in the comments down below!

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