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Hello, I am Dr Hannah Nazri. I am a specialty trainee doctor in obstetrics & gynaecology at NHS England and DPhil candidate in endometriosis research at the University of Oxford.

As the Equality Working Group Lead in Europe for the Royal Commonwealth Society and Director and Founder of the Malaysian Doctors for Women & Children, I am passionate about ending practices that discriminate against women and children. For my work in youth and education with The Kalsom Movement, a Malaysian student-led education charity, I was awarded the Associate Fellowship of the Royal Commonwealth Society as a Finalist of the 2015 Queen’s Young Leaders Award by The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Trust. In 2020, I was the finalist of the Women of the Future Award UK for the Commonwealth Category.

I am committed to combining my medical career with non-profit work not limited to youth education and women’s rights advocacy.

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OB+Neonatology is WILD.

A human cuts open another human while said human is AWAKE and removes a small human, who sometimes is functionally unalive: not breathing, no heartbeat.

An hour later, I give the small human to the big human and both humans are alive & happy.

Like. Wut.

I taught the med students on OB/GYN this week and I could see the frustration on their faces when for question after question on the pathophys/treatment of COMMON diseases like fibroids, endometriosis, PCOS etc. I kept having to say “we don’t know, we just don’t know that yet”.

In the north-east of the Malay Peninsula, situates one of our Network’s members, @ReHAKelantan. We had the privilege to learn how they #EndFGMC in Malaysia.

Join us as we make a recap of our trip to ReHAK’s headquarters in Kota Bharu, Kelantan.

#FGMisGlobal #InvestDontRest

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