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Building Resilience: Top 3 Tips for Success

Too often when people speak about their success journey, they love portraying the idea it was all smooth sailing for them by listing accolades and achievements. The reality is that behind the seemingly perfect Instagram or LinkedIn façade of many people including myself are failures, criticisms, depression and other mental health issues, and life circumstances that are rarely spoken about.


Countering Everyday Extremism Against Women: The Other Pandemic

I was invited to give a keynote speech by Sisters of Islam, a civil society organisation with the aim to advocate the rights of women within the Islamic framework, for their Regional Youth Caucus Meeting in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in October 2019. The meeting was held as a lead up to the first Sisters in Islam international conference on” Islam Unsurrended: Women Against Extremism” which saw the launching of a key report on the perceptions of Muslim women and equality in Malaysia, funded by the European Union. The article below has been modified and updated from my speech.