As the Chair of the Board of Trustees of The Kalsom Movement, I am proud to announce that The Kalsom Movement is one of the 50 youth-led organisations worldwide and the only Malaysian youth-led organisation to be featured in the 2020 Youth Solutions Report by the United Nations SDSN Youth. The SDSN Youth is the youth arm of the United Nations Sustainable Development Network.

“This year, 50 youth-led projects — 25 for-profits and 25 non-profits — were selected among thousands of applicants to have their work featured. Furthermore, the leadership team of these 50 projects will be invited to undergo training and capacity-building opportunities, among which SDSN Youth’s flagship Investment Readiness Program, in an effort to support them in the scaling of their solutions. During this 16-week acceleration program, the innovators will be provided with valuable insights from leading experts in the field, given personalized 1-on-1 mentoring, and connected with impact investors.” Read more here.

This is a great testament to our work in the last 27 years, since its establishment as Projek Kalsom. Now, The Kalsom Movement is a registered youth-led education charity based in Malaysia that inspires and empowers Malaysian university students to use their skills and talents to assist motivated, academically talented Malaysian secondary school students from disadvantaged backgrounds to pursue tertiary education. Projek Kalsom Motivational Camp remains to be one of The Kalsom Movement’s flagship programmes and is endorsed by the Malaysia Book of Records to be the longest student-led motivational camp in Malaysia.

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