The Edge Markets Malaysia, 8th June 2021

Majalah Nona (Malaysia), 22nd February 2021

Majalah Nona is one of Malaysia’s leading women’s magazine. Title of article: “This Medical Doctor is Achieving her PhD at the University of Oxford and is Always Enthusiastic About Doing Charity.”

Bernama TV Malaysia ‘Tea with Tehmina’ Interview Episode 2: The Kalsom Movement, 7th July 2020

More about The Kalsom Movement, an education charity based in Malaysia, here.

Berita Harian Malaysia, 2011

A national newspaper article featuring The Kalsom Movement when I was the Director of Projek Kalsom Motivational Camp in 2011 and a third-year medical student at the University of Bristol. Title of article: “Students contribute to society during holiday”.

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