Infinity Ivy Consulting (IIC) is a premier consulting firm that provides pathways to academic excellence, scholarship, and peak business performance.

IIC offers the following services:

  • Strategic advising sessions for getting into medical school, graduate school, business, or US medical or surgical residency
  • Virtual Mock Interviews
  • AMCAS or other medical schools, dental schools, or other nursing applications – reviews, recommendations, rewrites
  • ERAS application or other US-based residency applications – reviews, recommendations, rewrites
  • Graduate school application – reviews, recommendations, rewrites
  • Resume/curriculum vitae (academic and professional) – reviews, recommendations, rewrites
  • Business school applications – reviews, recommendations, rewrites
  • Personal statements – reviews, recommendations, rewrites
  • Group Workshops for Getting into Medical School or Residency
  • Pre-College, Pre-Med Advising
  • Customised advising or application services

About Dr Candice Carpenter

Dr Candice Carpenter, the founder of Infinity Ivy Consulting, is a physician, entrepreneur, and educator. She graduated as valedictorian from both her middle school and high school. She strives to exemplify academic excellence and desires to share the secrets of academic and professional success with others. In her academic career, she has received acceptances and scholarships to several prestigious institutions, including Harvard, Yale, Oxford, Cornell, Dartmouth, Brown, Stanford, John Hopkins, and Duke.

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